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Gillsville - The Oldest Town in Hall County

Some Historical Facts

  • Gillsville, originally named Stonethrow, is the oldest town in Hall County
  • The first known time of settlement in Gillsville was 1784, roughly two years after settlers first arrived in Jackson County
  • There is a fort, thought to be nearby, that has not been found to this day
  • The clay pottery in Gillsville has gained worldwide attention
  • The earliest known potter in the Gillsville area was Clemmonds Chandler from Mossy Creek, 1860
  • The Hewell family has been making pottery since at least the 1880's, and still does today
  • In 1900, Gillsville suffered a great fire that destroyed most of Gillsville.
    Four of the six stores and the post office burned to the ground.
    It is believed the fire was started to cover up a burglery
  • One of the buildings, believed to be a general store, and dating back to 1850 still exists today.
    It is very well preserved.
    The 2nd story is supported by the roof, not the 1st floor as in most buildings
  • The homes that line the main corridor of Gillsville date between the late 1800's and early 1900's